Happy Hearts Day

Water Heart
Water Heart

It is middle of February, and the Americans are going gaga over yet another commercial holiday.

I was at my weekly Toastmasters meeting yesterday and during the Table Topic portion of the meeting – that is when you are asked a question, and you are to respond to
impromptu – I was asked, “Is Valentine’s Day necessary?”

I yacked for the required one to two minutes and won the best response certificate. It was essentially a rant.

I am sharing that rant, and since this is my blog, I am going to rant some more.

When I first came to the USA and attended college at Alva Oklahoma, [Read more…]

A New Plan of Action

When I first decided to go nomadic in 2011, I was really running away from my then unhappy life.

I had a skill that I knew I could use anywhere I went and be able to support myself, and I did.

It worked for the most part. I ran around whenever I felt like it and stayed put when I wanted to.

But I wasn’t living the life that I wanted. I wasn’t traveling much, [Read more…]

Marketing Ethics


Okay, so here I am working at a restaurant twisting balloons, when a man comes by and leaves a couple of theses on my table where I am sitting and moves on to other tables.

It’s admirable that he is working to support his family and uses creative means to do so. You know that I am all for it.

But it leaves me in a quandry. [Read more…]



I found the following essay on my Facebook feed from more than six years ago. Enjoy!

Everything we do in life is ultimately for one reason and one reason alone, and that is to be happy.

To do that we focus on making money to pay bills, buy groceries and please our significant others and some of the other people we can’t stand. The problem, for most people, is that it means being unhappy and being miserable in the process. I know this because I have been there.

So in a nutshell it boils down to this: We do things that make us unhappy and miserable because we want to be happy in the end. And since the PROCESS of the search for happiness is bringing us unhappiness, we quit the process. Or we look for another [Read more…]

What Do Elvis, Wayne Dyer, and I Have in Common?

The Apartment Building where I lived in 1977 with Abe
The Apartment Building where I lived in 1977 with Abe

In an earlier post, as I looked back and pondered on my life, I mentioned that I was reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s autobiography I Can See Clearly Now.

In the book, he mentions an incident when he visited Australia to do a book tour and was being interviewed on the radio when the news broke that Elvis Presley had died. His interview was interrupted as they remembered Elvis and played his music.

It reminded me of my roommate Abe who had given me the news of Elvis’s passing. Later on that night he was murdered at work. I wrote about it in my book Life: It’s A Trip.

Here is the excerpt from the book that relays that incident and how it impacted my life.

Death of Innocence

From 1989 to 1994, I worked as a courier driver in Houston, TX. One day, I think it was in ‘92 or ’93 that I was listening to the radio as I drove around town, when I heard Paul Harvey say something to the effect that Oklahoma had put a convicted murderer to death, fourteen years after being convicted and sentenced to death.

I instinctively knew that it was Abe’s killer. Abe was my roommate during the summer of 1977 when I lived in Oklahoma City. [Read more…]