W is for Worry

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What a powerful way of visualization. One that is not recommended by anyone, but practiced by far too many people.

Visualization, is by definition, a way to see, in your mind’s eye, a future outcome; generally speaking, one that you desire.

Worry is the same thing, except, you are visualizing an outcome that you don’t desire. But, it’s visualization, nonetheless.

And, visualization works. Especially if the visualization is powered by strong emotions and a backing by a strong belief.

And, worry is a strong emotion, backed by a belief, if there was ever one.

So, why worry? Be Happy!

V is for Variety

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Variety is the spice of life, so they say.

I like a variety of everything. That’s why I like to go to eat at buffet restaurants. I can choose from a variety of dishes.

That is why I decided to participate in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, because it would allow me to write on a variety of things.

When I work as a Balloon Artist, I like to offer my clients a variety of creations. I have a repertoire of around forty things I can make.

I have worked a t a variety of jobs over the years. I have worked as a cook, a waiter, a restaurant manager, a room service captain, a photographer, a delivery driver, a balloon twister, a family entertainer, a carpenter, a roofer, an Ice cream truck driver, a truck arts salesman, a warehouse manager and a factory worker to name a few.

I joke with people when they ask me what kind of I have done, that it would be a shorter list if they ask me what I haven’t done.

If there is one thing I have learned from doing all these different things, it’s this. Life has so much to offer that you can never be bored. Enjoy life.

I am only 61 years old and I am not done yet. I have so many more experiences yet to experience.

What about you? What do you like to do? how do you incorporate variety in your life?

Leave me a comment.

U is for Universe

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What does that word mean to you?

I have heard it used in many different ways.

It is world in which we live.

It is the cosmos, out there.

It is the totality of all there is.

It has also been used as a euphemism for God or the Divine.

And, I can relate to everyone of them.

Universe = Uni Verse. One Song.

There are no divisions, no separations, no compartments.

It’s all one. It is the world in which we live. It is the Totality of Being, which, God is by definition – Omnipresent.

What about you? What do you think of when you hear the word Universe?

T is for Trust

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Do you trust yourself?

If you do, you’ve got it made.

If you don’t, then it is time that you learn how to trust yourself.

And I am not talking about the outer trust, you know, the kind that says, I keep my word, therefore, I trust myself.

No, I am talking about the inner trust.

When you feel within you, to do something, or to go for something that doesn’t make rational or logical sense, but, that voice within you tells you to go for it.

Some people call it Intuition, or, a Divine Nudge. My friend Henry Juntilla calls it “Your Inner GPS.”

Others call it a gut feeling. I saw Donald Trump at a conference, and that’s what he called it. He said he always went with his gut feeling, even if his advisers told him to do otherwise.

Magnus Walker did a TED-X talk called, “Go with Your Gut Feeling,” that is worth watching.

I have found that whenever I went with that inner voice, I have benefited from it. Even in unexpected and surprising ways sometimes.

Over the years, I have come to trust myself more and more.

Then one day, I had an “ah-ha” moment. I made a Quantum Leap.

Who else knows me better than anyone else? Who else knows about my dreams and unspoken desires? Who else cares more about whether or not they are fulfilled, other than me? So who else is more qualified than me to support me? That realization made it easier for me to trust myself.

What about you? Do you trust yourself?

Share your thoughts in the comments.


S is for Synchronicity

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Wikipedia describes Synchronicity as follows:

” Synchronicity is the occurrence of two or more events that appear to be meaningfully related but not causally related. Synchronicity holds that such events are “meaningful coincidences”. The concept of synchronicity was first defined by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, in the 1920s.” [Read more…]