Flying Things Near the Airport

I enjoy going to the airport every now and then and watch the planes come in or take off.

There is an empty parking on the east side of Houston Intercontinental Airport near the runway, and a lot of people park their cars there and watch the planes as they approach the runway, or as they take off.

The last time I was there was a few months ago and took a few pictures of the planes as they came in from the east. As I was looking through them I found a couple of them I really enjoyed and wanted to share with you.

As I parked m van and got out my camera, I was a plane approaching in the side rearview mirror.

plane in mirror

When it comes to photography, I like to experiment with different angles and perspectives, to capture the world as I see it.

plane over trees

I felt really lucky and extremely blessed when this hawk appeared out of the blue.



But the icing on the cake was when I was able to capture this amazing shot.

Hawk plane


What are your thoughts? Which one of these, if any, caught your fancy more than others and why?

I would love to know your likes and opinions in the comments below.


It Takes Practice to See Like a Camera

When I did my A to Z Blogging Challenge in April for my blog at A to Z Texas Towns, I took about one thousand photos during my road trips.

I used less two hundred of them during the challenge, so I have a lot of them that need attention and use.

I took these at the Sabra Ranch just outside La Grange, Texas. [Read more…]

Do You See What I See?

I posted a picture of a rabbit and a squirrel a couple of days ago.

My friend Holly Jahangiri from It’s a Matter of Perspective commented that it took her a second to notice the rabbit, and another to notice the squirrel.

While I was not my intention to create a picture in which you can’t recognize the main object of the photo, it had a certain amount of a mystic quality to it. [Read more…]

A Rose is a Rose is a …

Today I decided to look into my Texas Towns website to find a photo worth posting here and talk about it a little bit.

I had a specific image that I had in mind, but I couldn’t find it. I know it’s there on the website, but it’s not saved on my computer. But, I found this one that is not very typical of the kind of photography I like to do, but I had got some good feedback on it when I had posted it there.


I was on a road trip for the A to Z Blogging Challenge when a series of “co-incidents” led me to Palestine, where I found this rose bush. I am not much into photographing flowers, but this particular bush caught my attention would not let me alone. [Read more…]

Let Yourself Be Surprised

So I decided to conduct an experiment today.

I didn’t know how it will turn out or what I will find there when I got there, but I decided to head to my favorite hang out, the Mercer Arboretum, which I referred to as a park in one of my earlier posts.

The plan was to sit in a sheltered pavilion and write a blog post using my phone as my internet connection and see what presents itself to be photographed. [Read more…]