Creative Blogger Award

Creative Blogger Award

Holly Jahangiri has nominated me for The Creative Blogger Award.

I met Holly about seven years ago when I made a balloon Sword for her son at a local Cici’s Pizza restaurant. We were re-introduced online by my friend Mitch Mitchell – whom I met in person for the first time three years ago after having known him online for about seven. Mitch had posted a photo of our meeting at a McDonalds in Syracuse, New York, on his blog, and Holly recognized me and now we are online friends instead of offline acquaintances.

Holly writes at It’s All a Matter of Perspective. She has a killer sense of humor and sarcasm; she is blatantly honest and doesn’t pull any punches.

Thank you, Holly! I am humbled. Not because I am too proud to receive the award but because Holly insists that I am “Pretty Creative”, and that I deserve it. (Ducking to dodge whatever she is hurling at me for downplaying my creativity).

Here are the rules for accepting the challenge, I mean, the award.

1. Thank and post the link of the person who nominated you. (Seriously? That’s a rule? I thought that would be common sense)

2. Share five facts about yourself to your readers. (Be grateful it is only Five)

3. Nominate 10-20 blogs and notify them. (No way, not doing it. I can’t afford to lose the few blogging friends I have)

4. Pass on the rules. (That means share them, not ignore them, you weirdo)

Five things about me you probably didn’t want to know. (Hey don’t blame me, it’s one of the requirements)

1. I was born in India and came of age in Pakistan. (That explains why I am always fighting with myself)

2. I have been called many things in my life, but the only thing that I had engraved (okay printed on the back of a t-shirt) was “RATSHIT.” (Yes, I still have friends from my hippy days that call me that).

3. I am an award-winning Speaker. (If you want to be one, join Toastmasters. We give out four awards every week at my club). The largest audience I spoke in front of was more than 5,000 people. The smallest one? Three people.

4. In 2012, I went on a two-month road trip. I traveled a little over 12,000 miles and passed through 40 different states in the process enabling me to complete finally visiting The Lower 48. West Virginia was the final state. (I went over the Shenandoah River and sang “Country Roads Take me Home” for the next three days)

5. While other people have called me many things, I chose to call myself Mister Weirdo (most of my social media sites are /misterweirdo). It’s a long story, but suffice it to say that it came about as a part of the introduction I wrote for myself to be used for my first serious presentation.

Tag, You’re it (I know, I said I’m not going to do it, but a rule is a rule)

1. Charles McCool writes about cool places and cool people at McCool Travels

2. Ross Lukeman studied architecture at the University of Houston ad writes about Alternative Homes

3. Henri Junttila was born, raised and lives in Sweden. He used to a professional poker player. Now he writes about Location Independence and Lifestyle Design. That’s mighty creative.

4. Kandace Nesbitt-Rodarte is a fellow Toastmaster, who once interviewed me for her podcast. Her blog, or rather her podcast, is called Gratitude Geek. It has taken a back seat due to health issues. I hope she gets back into it.

5. James Schipper was one of my earliest supporters when I started blogging at Present Day Nomads (now defunct) back in 2009. I visited him in St. Petersburg, Florida when I first became Happily Homeless. He is a copywriter and adventurer at Live Collar Free

I’ll inform the victims of their fate ASAP

Good Morning

The past few days have been wonder-full for me.

I received a promotional email, and I was about to hit the delete button when something inside of me said to stop. So I read the email. It was about an online event taking place in a few days.

It started with the familiar story of a man who died in a flood, and upon coming face to face with God complained about not being saved despite having faith. To which God replied, “I sent to you two boats and a helicopter, why didn’t you hop in?”

I read the rest of the email and realized that indeed I have been receiving boats and helicopters, but I have not hopped on them. It was time to take some action.

As I contemplated the invitation, I felt the usual resistance but decided to continue to the end. All the resistance was for naught, and everything was within reach. I decided to participate in the event.

Then I was nudged on to take a look at something else, and to my surprise, it was just a perfect compliment to the “boat” that came my way. I am getting better and better at trusting my inner voice.

Also, haven made some incredible personal growth movement in the right direction; I had the opportunity to go on a short road trip that resulted in some gorgeous pictures.

Three Horses

Hen with chicks


My love for photography and my desire to create a sustainable income with it is one of the things that I made considerable progress on during the class I was nudged to take.

When you take action toward the fulfillment of your desire, more opportunities to make it real continuously show up. So, in the last couple of days, I awakened to some beautiful sunrises that offered great photo opportunities.

The Sun that is peeking out in the east in the first picture is being reflected in the bank window in the second one; while the full moon is still up in the sky in all its glory.

Katy Morning

Capital One Morning

Here are two shots of the same building. Which one do you like better? And why?

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living 2

Make sure to leave me a comment below. Your feedback is always highly appreciated.

Flying Things Near the Airport

I enjoy going to the airport every now and then and watch the planes come in or take off.

There is an empty parking on the east side of Houston Intercontinental Airport near the runway, and a lot of people park their cars there and watch the planes as they approach the runway, or as they take off.

The last time I was there was a few months ago and took a few pictures of the planes as they came in from the east. As I was looking through them I found a couple of them I really enjoyed and wanted to share with you.

As I parked m van and got out my camera, I was a plane approaching in the side rearview mirror.

plane in mirror

When it comes to photography, I like to experiment with different angles and perspectives, to capture the world as I see it.

plane over trees

I felt really lucky and extremely blessed when this hawk appeared out of the blue.



But the icing on the cake was when I was able to capture this amazing shot.

Hawk plane


What are your thoughts? Which one of these, if any, caught your fancy more than others and why?

I would love to know your likes and opinions in the comments below.


It Takes Practice to See Like a Camera

When I did my A to Z Blogging Challenge in April for my blog at A to Z Texas Towns, I took about one thousand photos during my road trips.

I used less two hundred of them during the challenge, so I have a lot of them that need attention and use.

I took these at the Sabra Ranch just outside La Grange, Texas. [Read more…]

Do You See What I See?

I posted a picture of a rabbit and a squirrel a couple of days ago.

My friend Holly Jahangiri from It’s a Matter of Perspective commented that it took her a second to notice the rabbit, and another to notice the squirrel.

While I was not my intention to create a picture in which you can’t recognize the main object of the photo, it had a certain amount of a mystic quality to it. [Read more…]